1. How it works here?

If you are interested in our services or products, just contact us - either via the contact form or our Facebook page or by call or in person at our workshop in Kunčice u Nechanic - we are available anytime and anywhere. 

2. What we produce?

Everything= All metal construction. We always want to realize your ideas. First, we will create a draft, which we will consult with you - so everything suits you. There are no limits to imagination. If you have an idea, we'll make it happen together. We traditionally produce gates, gratings, metal security grids for windows or doors, etc. If you have other requirements, contact us, we will be happy to implement your ideas and add them to our offer.

3. How long does the order last? 

The production of the order is individual according to the size and quantity.  We can handle smaller orders within about a week after your order is approved. We will inform you of all costs and time estimates in advance.

4. Why should I choose you?

Our company is based on quality and precision. The metal working that we offer is made of quality materials from 3mm thickness and higher. The resulting product is therefore strong and can last up to 50 years with proper treatment. We guarantee the quality of our products and offer both their regular inspection and possible repair.